SEALMAKER™ sealants are tailored for each specific application utilizing the most technologically advanced sealant chemistry available today.

SEALMAKER pioneered the theory of differentially activated technology with the SEALMAKER CRS™ system in 1992 that was patented in 1996. Since that time we have performed a full spectrum of leak repairs, successfully implementing our technologies and knowledge to solve the most difficult leak conditions throughout the world.

SEALMAKER™ sealants are proven to perform under the most adverse well conditions, can easily repair high leak rates quickly, effectively, and permanently. SEALMAKER offers the best SOLUTION to restore mechanical integrity to a leaking system.

With our years of leak repair experience and with thousands of successful repairs performed, SEALMAKER can confidently solve your leak related problems. In addition, our SEALMAKER TECHNOLOGIES have achieved an unparalleled success rate within the industry.

We are continually refining our sealant chemistries, applying new approaches, and improving the ways to solve these difficult leak issues. Rest assured, SEALMAKER is committed to delivering consistent, reliable results that substantially reduce work-over costs, minimize production losses, and ultimately restore barrier integrity to the preserve and protect our environment.
Citadel Technologies offers engineering and technical support through the partnership with Namtvedt Sealmaker Services.

Diamond Wrap® is a carbon/epoxy rehab system that provides a custom designed, cost effective solution for the prevention and repair of leaking or corroded piping systems.

High temperatures, high pressures, complex geometries, confined spaces and pipes carrying harsh chemicals can all be repaired using the Diamond Wrap® system.
Intervention Rentals Limited are our UK partner and specialise in the rental, repair, refurbishment, inspection, servicing and certification of Flowline and Flow measurement equipment.

Intervention Rentals Limited was formed in 2006, primarily to support the local North Sea Oil service sector. Operations are based at Montrose, Scotland, to service the North Sea and European operations and in Qatar to service the Middle East.

The operation centre is based at Lunan Bay, Montrose, where a totally refurbished fit for purpose workshop facility and calibration system has been established.