Namtvedt Sealmaker Services AS provides successful leak repair solutions.

Sealmaker’s unique systems are used to repair the most troublesome and difficult leak conditions encountered in the Oil & Gas Industry. We have established successful techniques to repair a wide variety of leak types for downhole and subsea applications and can withstand pressures in excess of 15,000 psig and temperatures beyond 500F, at any hole depth, and regardless of water depth. Our full lines of sealants are comprised of both crystalline and flexible sealants that are all environmentally approved.

Various leak types include hydraulic system leaks, control line and safety valve leaks (SCSSV), well-head and tree associated leaks, sub-sea well-head, pipeline and tree leaks, downhole equipment leaks, casing and tubing leaks, packer leaks, etc.
Diamond Wrap® is a carbon/epoxy rehab system that provides a custom designed, cost effective solution for the prevention and repair of leaking or corroded piping systems.

High temperatures, high pressures, complex geometries, confined spaces and pipes carrying harsh chemicals can all be repaired using the Diamond Wrap® system.

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