About Diamond Wrap

Namtvedt has been in the Composite Pipe Repair since 2002, and hundreds of separate pipes have been repaired by our company. Today we are the exclusive distributor of Citadel Technologies through their Series of Diamond Carbon Wrap systems.
Diamond Wrap® is a carbon/epoxy rehab system that provides a custom designed, cost effective solution for the prevention and repair of leaking or corroded piping systems. High temperatures, high pressures, complex geometries, confined spaces and pipes carrying harsh chemicals can all be repaired using the Diamond Wrap® system. Diamond Wrap® meets requirements of ISO 24817, ASME, PCC-2, B31G, PCC, API, AGA and DOT.

Our Service

Our DIAMOND wrap repair is a combination of products and services. Most of the time we are sending our own personnel to execute the jobs, or we can train other personnel to do the job . Repairing of top-side pipes is an engineered operation, calculated by our experts. But when the correct calculation has been executed we are selling our carbon fibre material by the quantity used.