Welcome to Namtvedt Group - Company History

Namtvedt companies have been involved in the Oil & Gas Industries since 1972. Being the initiator to the Coast Center Base at Ågotnes as our first achievement we continued to represent different major Rock Bits manufacturers for years. Today we are a group of niche companies involved with leakage repairs with our Liquid sealing system and Carbon Wrap repair system. Our success with The PolyOil polymer control line protectors,.has contributed to the company's growth over the past years. Consultancy in The Middle East with regards to supply base activities has also been an activity for our company Namtvedt Coast Center Base AS.

Through Namtvedt Sealmaker Services AS we have over a short period of time become one of the leading Differentially Activated Sealant Technology Company in Europe together with our partner Sealmaker International Inc. Sealmaker sealants are engineered to remain liquid and inert until exposed to pressure differential and positive displacement through a point of convergent flow.
AS H. Namtvedt was founded in 1892. For several decades the company was one of the major wholesale/retailers of building materials in Norway. In the 1960's we were the exclusive manufacture of Block Watne prefabricated houses in Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane. The company moved to Ågotnes in 1971 to establish a new state of the art factory for prefabricated houses This way Namtvedt originated the industrial development at Ågotnes by moving its main facilities from Bergen to the island of Sotra - Ågotnes designated to become a future industrial area.
A couple of years later Namtvedt established Namtvedt Coast Center Base ( later to become Coast Center Base AS & Co.) This is today one of Norway's main supply bases - and is one of the largest in Europe. In 1991 Namtvedt sold its remaining interest in the base facilities at Ågotnes. In 1975 Namtvedt offshore was established as agency company representing everything from drill bits and drill pipe to manufacturing of flanges .
In the late 1990's we got in touch with the sealing market by using liquid sealing composite, and over the years where more and more foreign companies have established themselves in Norway and the need for agents has not been the same , we have therefore concentrated our activities around different solutions for many types of leaks - top side and down hole.

In 1988 the 4. generation Peter B. Namtvedt took over as Managing Director after been with the company since 1976. In 1993 Kenneth L. Phillips joined the companies as a partner. His experience from operation in the field to international sales has made the Namtvedt Companies
interesting partners for many foreign companies establishing
business in Norway.